Now experience the English speakers of the Summit once again – on demand

You get 3 months access to the 11 live sessions of the English speakers and to the video content in different areas on the topics of training, nutrition, business and much more.

The following areas await you:

live sessions
Relive the live sessions of the Online Summit. In this category you will find all English speaking live speakers who performed online during the three days from 12.06.-14.06.2020. The videos include 60 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A. The videos are in English language without subtitles.

Functional Training
Learn from the best. Here you will be shown the latest trends and developments in functional training by national and international experts. What has proven to be successful and how to continue with Functional Training.

athletic training
For a long time, athletic training was withheld only from sport. In the last few years it has become a trend in mass sports. Here, renowned elite coaches and practitioners talk about athletic training and how to make people faster, stronger and more enduring.

Neuro Athletic Training
This revolutionary approach not only makes headlines but also delivers results. Learn here from the leading experts in Germany what is behind it and what makes NAT so unique.

Movement & Mobility
The basis of any training is movement. Here you can learn how to check, correct and improve your movement and mobility.

Rehabilitation and training have several major intersections. Learn what they are and how you can use them for yourself.

Business & Mindset
The Corona crisis has shown us that we are not systemically relevant and that we need to position ourselves better for the future. In the small as well as in the large. We can work on ourselves and prepare for the next crisis. Here we show you how.

Nutrition & Health
You will learn everything about nutrition and health. Our experts will not just scratch the surface, but will provide you with well-founded and up-to-date knowledge.